Cdso c1 3 Colors Girls Latin Dance Shoes Ballroom Salsa For (Little or Big Kid) Review

Cdso c1 3 Colors Girls Latin Dance Shoes Ballroom Salsa For (Little or Big Kid)

  • suede sole
  • Handmade; Made with satin upper and suede soles
  • Heel measures approximately 1.37 inches/3.5cm ; Medium Width
  • Please choose shoes by Below Product Description size Table
  • If the feet are fat or wide,choose a bigger size
  • suitable for Salsa,Tango,Chacha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Paso doble, ballroom dance,wedding party or other special occasion.

Cdso dance was founded in June 2007. We are OEM dance footwear manufacturer & supplier and we also carry our own house brands where the emphasis is on high-end design dance shoes using premium materials. Since our beginning, the principle elements of our company have been focused on our service and delivery of quality products with affordable prices. As a result, Cdso dance has successfully became one of the largest dance shoes supplier in the worldwide.Anything,Pls contact us freely!We will try our best to meet your need and get you satisfaction.We ship to worldwide,Wholesale business are welcomed and more discount.

Manunal measurement,may about 0.3cm error
Reference size table

10 M Toddler Kid 6 1/2(Amazon Inch) 16.5(Amazon cm) 24EU
11 M Little Kid 6 3/4(Amazon Inch) 17.1(Amazon cm) 25EU
11.5 M Little Kid 7(Amazon Inch) 17.8(Amazon cm) 26EU
12 M Little Kid 7 1/8(Amazon Inch) 18.1(Amazon cm) 27EU
12.5 M Little Kid 7 1/4(Amazon Inch) 18.4(Amazon cm) 28EU
13 M Little Kid 7 1/2(Amazon Inch) 19.1(Amazon cm) 29EU
13.5 M Little Kid 7 5/8(Amazon Inch) 19.4(Amazon cm) 30EU
1M Little Kid 7 3/4(Amazon Inch) 19.7(Amazon cm) 30-31EU
1.5M Little Kid 8(Amazon Inch) 20.3(Amazon cm) 31EU
2M Little Kid 8 1/8(Amazon Inch) 20.6(Amazon cm) 32EU
2.5M Little Kid 8 1/4(Amazon Inch) 21(Amazon cm) 32-33EU
3M Little Kid 8 1/2(Amazon Inch) 21.6(Amazon cm) 33EU
Big Kid 3.5M Big Kid 8 5/8(Amazon Inch) 21.9(Amazon cm) 34EU
4M Big Kid 8 3/4(Amazon Inch) 22.2(Amazon cm) 35EU
4.5M Big Kid 9(Amazon Inch) 22.9(Amazon cm) 36EU
5M Big Kid 9 1/8(Amazon Inch) 23.2(Amazon cm) 37EU
5.5M Big Kid 9 1/4(Amazon Inch) 23.5(Amazon cm) 37-38EU
6M Big Kid 9 1/2(Amazon Inch) 24.1(Amazon cm) 38EU
6.5M Big Kid 9 5/8(Amazon Inch) 24.4(Amazon cm) 39EU
7M Big Kid 9 3/4(Amazon Inch) 24.8(Amazon cm) 40EU

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